Here you find all information regarding warranties at Cycling Espresso.

In general

How long does the warranty processing take?

This differs per product and the defect. Our aim is to solve it for you as soon as possible and try to have a solution for your warranty request within three weeks. If it takes longer, we will keep you informed.

Do I have to pay the return costs myself?

If you receive a return label from us, the shipping costs are for our account. If you want to use another carrier, the costs for returning it will be for your own account.

Is warranty always free of charge?

If the defect is under warranty, the product will be repaired or replaced for you free of charge. We will return the repaired or replacement product to you free of charge.

If the defect is not covered by warranty, we will inform you of the costs. We will not have anything repaired without your permission. If you do not want to use the repair option, we will send the product back to you, with the costs at your own expense.

Warranty handling

Your warranty is handled by us in the following way.

  • Register your defect online and let us know what the product is.
  • Send the product carefully packed in a firm to us with a return carrier of your choice. The costs are for your own account.
  • Within 5 working days after the arrival of your package, you will receive a confirmation that your package has arrived and that your guarantee request has been processed. We aim for a solution for you within 15 working days.

Not sure about your warranty? Then please contact us. We are happy to help you with questions and / or the assessment of the defect and whether this is covered by the warranty or not.

Warranty conditions

Art. 1 – Warranty provisions

  1. The entrepreneur guarantees that the delivered products are free from construction and / or material faults and / or rust, all this insofar as this follows from these warranty provisions.
  2. The warranty can only be invoked by the first owner of the product concerned.
  3. The warranty is not transferable.
  4. The guarantee provided by the entrepreneur on the basis of these terms and conditions does not affect the possibility of addressing the entrepreneur on the basis of the normal, legal provisions of the Dutch Civil Code.

Art. 2 – Warranty period

  1. Products have a warranty on construction and / or material defects for 1 years after purchase.

Art. 3 – Warranty scope

  1. During the warranty period, all parts that have been determined by the entrepreneur to be material and / or construction defects will be repaired or replaced free of charge at the option of the entrepreneur.
  2. Transport costs from and to the entrepreneur are for the account of the consumer.
  3. If a certain component is eligible for warranty and the original is no longer available, the entrepreneur will provide a minimum equivalent alternative.

Art. 4 – Submit warranty claim

  1. Claims under this guarantee must be submitted to the entrepreneur for inspection under the offer of the relevant product with the original (digital) invoice or proof of purchase.

Art. 5 – Liability guarantee

  1. A warranty claim accepted by the entrepreneur does not mean that the entrepreneur also accepts liability for any damage suffered. The entrepreneur’s liability never extends beyond what is described in these terms and conditions. Any liability of the entrepreneur regarding consequential damage is expressly excluded.

Art. 6 – Exclusions warranty

  1. No guarantee is given on parts subject to wear, such as clothing, unless there are construction and / or material faults.
  2. The warranty is voided in the following cases:
    1. Incorrect and / or careless use of the product and use that is not in accordance with the intended purpose;
    2. The product has not been maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions;
    3. Technical repairs have not been performed professionally;
    4. Parts fitted afterwards do not correspond to the technical specification of the product concerned or have been installed incorrectly;

Art. 7 – Maintenance

  1. We recommend maintaining purchased products in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Timely and professional maintenance prevents problems and guarantees a longer service life. For advice on and having maintenance carried out, you can visit our branches.