Frequently Asked Questions

Cycling Espresso is established in 2013. Meanwhile we have been on the bike with a large group of riders. These are the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Cycling Espresso Clubs

Everybody, even if you do not no each other, comes together for our rides through our website. Ride with us in 4 simple steps.

  1. Find your club (or start your own)
  2. Register for the ride
  3. Ride with us on your well maintained bike and with a helmet on your head
  4. Support us by purchasing a Cycling Espresso kit
  5. Share your rides using #CyclingEspresso

It is you. It is me. Together we are Cycling Espresso. Come join us!

A cycling community where you and I ride together. It is not about the strongest rider or the one with the most expansive bike. Cycling Espresso is about riding with one another in a social way with a no-drop policy.

Everywhere. And if there is no Cycling Espresso community near you? Then we can start one together to spread the love for cycling and espresso. 

Cycling Espresso Rides

All Cycling Espresso Rides are characterized as followed:

  • Ride characteristics
    • All rides have a no drop policy (no one is left behind)
    • Ride time is set to a maximum of 2,5 hours
    • Ride dates are set for a whole year at the start of the season
    • There is a fixed starting location with good coffee and a place to park your bike safely
  • Group characteristics
    • Everybody with a helmet and well maintained road bike is welcome
    • Groups are no larger than 20 riders
    • The average speed is set by the group (somewhere between 25-30km/h)
    • A minimum of one group rides with 26-28km/h
    • Accessibility is guaranteed
  • Safety is our first priority
    • We ride away from hazards but all rides are at your own risk
    • You wear a helmet at all times (stops not included ;))
    • Your bike and all it’s parts (brakes, gears, etc) are well maintained
    • Registring is mandatory to keep track how rode with us and In Case of Emergency

Before you leave home to join one of our rides you should think of the following

  1. Is your bike in the best possible condition?
  2. Do you have your helmet on your head?
  3. Are you registered for the ride?

It really depends on the city and Cycling Espresso community. It can be a coffee or bicycle shop. As long as they make their coffee by hand on an espresso machine and you can park your bike safely. If this is the case it is the right place to depart. 

Find your community or start your own together with us?

Per community the departure times differ. The easiest way to find out is to look for your community. Isn’t there a Cycling Espresso Community near you? Then feel free to contact us to start one together.

You can always find the ride time in the event for which you register. The duration of an average Cycling Espresso club ride will be somewhere between 2 and 2,5 hours.

In de description of the event for which you registered you can always find the average pace we will ride together. This will be on average somewhere between 26 and 28 km/h. If there are multiple groups speed can vary between the groups. But even then, when someone is have difficulty keeping up we will adapt to his or her pace to keep the group together. If not, a little push in the back could help everybody to keep up.

Every Cycling Espresso ride is based on the principle that we stick together. During an average ride the distance is set to suit all in the group, which means it will be between 50 and 60 kilometers.

Safety is our first priority at Cycling Espresso. So if, for some reason, something happens on the road we always know who joined the ride. Besides that it is always fun to know who joined the rides, this is what connects us. In addition, we use registrations to keep track of our statistics. If you want to know exactly what happens with your data, you can find it here: privacy policy.

Of course you can! We would be delighted if you order one. By doing so you support Cycling Espresso and help us do what we do. And you help us spread Cycling Espresso throughout the world, while riding together in the same outfit. For now there is only one way to get your own kit, this is through our shop. 

We ride together. Every Cycling Espresso community has a dedicated team of volunteers. These riders are your road captain and lead you along the way. Together with them we, you and I, take care of every ride. Are you a regular Cycling Espresso rider? Than we really hope you support us a little bit extra by ordering your Cycling Espresso kit. Thanks in advance.

Everybody is welcome. As long as your bike is well maintained and you wearing a helmet you are free to join. Are you under 18? In that case you are welcome too, but you will have to bring one of your parents or somebody else who takes care of you.

There are several ways in which you can contribute to Cycling Espresso.

  1. Order Cycling Espresso kit of some of our merchandise in our shop
  2. Become a road captain in one of the existing communities
  3. Start your own Cycling Espresso club if there is not one near you
  4. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Strava and Instagram
  5. Share your Cycling Espresso story using #cyclingespresso

Did you say you didn’t like coffee? No worries, it might be in our brand’s name, but even when you do not like coffee at all you are still welcome to join. Just feel free to order what ever you like at the start of the ride. It is up to you what energizes you.